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Mark all as read confirmation

Hey there, sorry to write in english but my french is very bad.

In any case, I don't normally use iOS but I tried out the app. It seemed great, good work. However I was looking at all of the posts when I wanted to change something (can't remember what) and decided to see if the check mark on the top right was the way to get to it....

Then I realized that it was marking everything as read! (being summer there was a lot of things I needed to catch up on)...
Anyways, it would be a good idea to place a confirmation dialog (at least when the amount of posts to be marked is large), specially if the button isn't self-descriptive.

In a panic I deleted the app (instead of closing it, yes, silly me) before it finished marking everything as read. Luckily TT-RSS being all open source, I was able to undo the damage following this: … in-tt-rss/

Since the description of the app calls for feature request, this is my suggestion.


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Re : Mark all as read confirmation


Well, sorry about the checkmark icon. Yes, it's for "Mark all read" and there's no confirmation of the action. I've not yet added settings so it's a default option, obviously not the good one.
However, it's only a flag and the articles were probably still available through the web interface of tt-rss, or just by clicking on the "unread" button (before leaving the list). And only the articles in the list are marked (but it can be 200 articles max).

It's too late for the 1.1.0 (which is already on its way to the App Store), but I'll add settings in the next release, with confirmation of mark all read set on by default.

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