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#1 Re : tiny Reader RSS » iOS 11: Layout bug (wrong offset) » 2017-09-28 20:20:37

Hello Pascal,

Oh wow, thank you very much. The new update solves this issue.
Also, the new app looks very nice!

All the best,

#2 tiny Reader RSS » iOS 11: Layout bug (wrong offset) » 2017-09-28 19:42:24

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Hello Pascal,

First of all, thank you for your work and your great app.

I am using tiny Reader 1.5.2 on an iPhone 5S and iOS 11.0.1.

Since the upgrade to iOS 11, I am experiencing a layout problem with the feed list.
When viewing a feed, the item list begins at the top of the screen and not below the bar on the top, as it should.
See the following link for a screenshot:

Listing categories and feeds works as expected.
Was this bug introduced in iOS 11?

Thank you for your help,

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