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    Filmotech is a movie catalog software for movies on DVD, Blu-Ray, DiVX, CD, VHS and more.

    It's available on Mac and PC with iOS and Android companions.

    Filmotech if available in French, English, Turkish and Slovak.

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    tiny Reader RSS

    tiny Reader RSS is a RSS reader for Tiny Tiny RSS.

    It requires a Tiny Tiny RSS server with an account and an activated API.

    tiny Reader RSS is available on iOS in French, English and German.

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    Computix !

    Computix ! is a edutainment game.

    It is a game of mathematical thinking.

    It's available in French and English.

    Computix ! is available on the Mac App Store.

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    Ne pas confondre

    Ne pas confondre is a collection of jokes.

    Ne pas confondre (Do not confuse) is a collection of jokes only available in French.

    Ne pas confondre is available for iPhone/iPod Touch.